What We Do

Connect with Departed Loved Ones

Gain closure through connecting with those who've passed on.

Spiritual Guidance

To help assist you in navigating your path in this lifetime.

Tarot and Angel Oracle Card Readings​

Using these cards can help guide your past, present, and future. I will help you navigate the best path for you at this time.

Crystal Ball Reading​

With the help of the crystal ball, it helps me bring clarity to the Questions you may have.

Soul Balance in Alignment

With the ancestors' assistance, I help to align your soul. Allowing you to feel lighter and less stressed in today’s world. You will learn to recognize when the misalignment is coming from you or your environment.

Removal of Past Lives That No Longer Serve You

By examining your journeys, like a star chart, I navigate and remove the blockages stopping you from growing in this lifetime.

House Cleaning of Unwanted Energies

I will remove unwanted energies and heaviness from your home. Unwanted energies can lead to arguing in the house, an inability to sleep, bad feelings, and depression. I do not need to be physically present in the space to perform this service. In-person, service is limited to Flathead County, MT.

This service is free.

Shaman Healing

Shaman healing can use sounds like a rattle or a drum. I use the element to help heal both the physical and spiritual body. This service can help with unwanted thoughts, depression, anger, and lack of self-worth.

Help with Magical Questions.

I love to help with any magical questions that plague you. This service is free. Send me a text, and I'll get back to you promptly.

Text me at (406) 253-3923

Text (406) 253-3923 to confirm date and time