Saved My Life
I had been abused by my boss & was degraded to the point where I was ready to end it all. Doreen sensed that, met with me & did amazing spiritual healing. I would not be here without her. She literally saved my life. From : Montana
She's the best by far
She gives great guidance after shes done pointing out accurate detailed parts of your life. I wish i could have her on speaker like an asking internett oracle like Alexa . Dont hesitate to let her help you. (from Norway)
She is amazing
I was skeptical. But after she gave me a reading and things she said that nobody knew, I am a believer. I could hardly walk I hurt so bad, now I can walk without pain. She is extroidanary.
Judy A.
I love talking to Doreen
I have had the privilege of getting several readings with Doreen in the last year. She has helped bring light to several issues and follows up, something I've never received from another medium. I would recommend a reading with Doreen to anybody struggling with any kind of situation in their life. So glad she was put in my family's path. (Montana
Michelle M.
Great readings,great teacher
Accurate reading,great teacher,highly recommend (Montana
Amazing and Always quick to respond
So happy to have met this woman. Doreen is without a doubt the real deal! I have had the opportunity to speak with her on numerous occasions now and each time is just as exciting as the time before....
Amanda C.
Sincere, genuine, gifted, kind, helpful
MY daughter and I went together for help in healing in the loss of our father and husband. Doreen was very pleasant, and we immediately liked her and felt comfortable in our surroundings. The first thing that came through was “I like to fish” That was him to a T. There were so many things said afterward that could only mean to us that she had really connected to him. We left with such a good feeling and can talk and laugh about what was brought up. I would have to say to those who are unsure whether to try her, without any doubt, do it. Montana.
Marla R.
Helped me to save my life... Doreen has walked me through the death of my 2 sons and the parental alienation from my daughter. She has helped me to align with my inner being and realize my self - worth. Her readings are so accurate and amazing. Her guidance is so wise and divinely inspired. I feel as if I was given a gift when she came into my life. I can't explain it and I don't need to. The positive impact she has had in my life is something I can't put a price on, but if I had a million bucks I would share it with Doreen! Her work is a labor of love! Nicole - California
Nicole D.