Who are we? What do we do?

We are born, we live, and someday we die. That is part of the natural cycle of life and the human experience. The middle section – the part between birth and death – is full of opportunities to explore our understanding of the world around us. We believe our individual purpose is to be a light, so that we may help others find their light. We are here to help you find your light so the Human Collective may all alight and ascend together.

Doreen, A Montana Medium, is a psychic mediumship practice made up of Doreen and Cori. While both are psychic mediums, they each have unique and individual skill sets.

Doreen specializes in bridging the gap between the living and the dead. She is passionate about helping people heal on all levels, and believes that healing is accessible for everyone whether or not they are still in a body! She holds a special place for helping those who have been affected by suicide. She has extensive training in multiple kinds of root magick from around the world and also draws from her ancestral knowledge of Native American spirit practices. As a recent retiree from a 20 year career in heathcare, she has lots of practices centered around alleviating physical pain* and identifying the dimensional source of physical illness*.

Cori’s specialties lean towards educating people on universal structure and how to experience life through a viewpoint that includes psychic design and divine purpose. While a reading often starts as a simple tarot or oracle card reading, it usually moves into discussion of physical evidence of energetic blockages held within the body, education pieces around universal or planetary magnetics, and what you can do to effect positive change in your life today.

We believe every human is built with the ability to experience and understand spiritual energy. Some people are born with a natural talent for using these skills while others have to spend time to develop and exercise their skill. We feel our purpose is to help people understand that life exists beyond our physical bodies. Not only does our consciousness extend beyond our body, but there are beings living on the other side of the veil (and beyond) who are available to help us on our path. We want to use our skills to help others connect to this spiritual existence. Sometimes that means helping you communicate with a passed on loved one. It may mean help navigating an illness*, making tough decisions about love or family; it can even include teaching you how to communicate with your guides and advanced teachers on the other sides.

If you are visiting this site, we believe there is a reason. You don’t need to know why you’re here, but that you are says you are looking for something. We believe science, religion, and spiritual understanding and practice do not need to be mutually exclusive. In fact, by their nature they are all part of the same system. We invite you to contact us to help you find what you’re looking for. Blessed be.

*We are not doctors, lawyers, or mental health professionals. You must consult with your primary care provider before making any changes to your existing healthcare routine. This includes consulting with your doctor about dietary changes, exercise changes, adding or removing supplements to your diet or any other health related topics that may be covered in your session with Doreen or Cori. We are also not psychologists or psychiatrists and cannot advise on medication concerns. We do sometimes encourage follow up care with a mental health professional. There are times when covering business or other financial concerns we will encourage you to find an appropriate attorney or financial adviser as well. We highly encourage all clients to consult with the appropriate licensed or certified professional prior to making any changes to their current lifestyle. 

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