Corinne (2)


Doreen was born and raised in the Flathead Valley. She grew up in a Catholic home, lived in a convent for a few years, and learned to have faith in spirituality. She believes in and works with Saints and Angels, and that miracles are possible. She comes from a long line of healers and seers. She has been working with her gifts since she was 4 years old.

The most important thing she’d like you to know about her is that she gives 100% during her time with you and is invested in your healing as it takes place on all levels (mind, spirit, and body), even if it means it takes a little more time than you originally scheduled.


Cori’s first experience with the spiritual was with “things that go bump in the night.” As a young child in parochial school, she learned about the duality of spiritual existence and loving nature of Christ. When her father died at a young age, she lost her Christian faith, but not her faith in the divine. She decided to pursue a deeper understanding of the nature of existence by learning about her immediate environment, which included ghosts, poltergeist/pk activity, and performing readings at slumber parties (even though she wasn’t aware that’s what she was doing at the time.) 

As time went on, she became a passionate advocate for understanding how the physical structure of the world we perceive reflects the spiritual structure of the rest of the universe. She loves working with people at any stage of their path of awakening, with special focus on education, developing your psychic abilities, and self-healing.

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