Services offered

  I  can read over the phone or In person.
Please call to make an appointment. 406-890-2336

Contacting your loved ones

I open the door for you to be able to give and receive messages from your loved ones.

I help you to hear and feel the messages from your loved ones.

  • 1 hour readings  $150.00
  • 30 minutes   $75.00
  • one free 30 minutes reading for Mothers and Fathers who have lost their baby from 0-12 years old.

Soul Realignment $75.00

This is where I remove patterns in your life that are blocking you from your success in life.

  • This is to help with issues such as : Anger  issues , Money issues, and feeling left behind.

Psychic readings

This is where I tap into your energy to see upcoming events.

I open up your doors to reveal your paths.

  • 1 hour readings  $150.00
  • 30 minutes   $75.00

Tarot Card Reading

I cover past present and future on all questions. i.e.  love, money.

  • 1 hour readings  $150.00
  • 30 minutes   $75.00


Do you have unexplained event happening in your home or business?

Such as sounds, strange smells, light that go on and off and items that fall off shelves.

With the Help of the Arch Angels I can help STOP these things from happening.

  • Level 1 Haunting: Is where you are hearing footsteps and doors closes and no one is there.

Price to remove $50.00

  • Level 2 Haunting: includes level 1 plus, smells and hearing your named called.

Price to remove $75.00

  • Level 3 Haunting:  Includes level 1,2 this is where you now have dead flies, animals act strange, rooms are cold. Furniture moves all by itself.

Price to remove $100.00

  • Level 4 Haunting: This included level 1, 2 and 3.

This is where you are being touched by the spirits. You can feel them thy leave marks on you on you.

They are physical harming you.

Price to remove $150.00

Feel free to call me if you have any questions.

I also teach how to be a Medium .

Please contact me if you have any Questions.


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